Your Life, Your Time, Your Style

Booth Rentals (starting at only $100 weekly)

  • Be your own boss
  • Keep 100% of your profits
  • Manage your own schedule
  • Set pricing for services and products
  • Sell the retail products you love
  • Over-sized mirrors
  • Anti-fatigue mat

Suite Rentals (starting at only $150 weekly)

  • All the benefits of the booths… PLUS
  • Fully enclosed, private, locking studio
  • Personalize your space
  • Enjoy private conversations
  • Private sink

Salon Amenities

  • High end styling chair, shampoo bowls and hair dryers
  • Full Color bar with assigned cabinets & drawers
  • Professional LED lighting
  • All utilities and WiFi Included
  • Tankless water heater delivers instant hot water
  • On-site laundry
  • Break room with refrigerator, microwave and eating area
  • Lockers to keep your personal items secure
  • Luxurious cabinets and fixtures

To schedule a tour of our facilities and join our growing team we invite you to Contact Us today.